Our Services

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1. Concept Stage

Product Specification

Providing advices at product specification optimizing, including the technical parameters,customer requirement,etc.

Project Management

Providing advices at product specification optimizing, including the technical parameters, customer needs

2. Developing Stage (Electronical Parts)

Component Choosing

Providing optimized plan to component choosing according to engineers’ years experiences  

Hardware schematic Module

Providing Schematic diagram of hardware circuit with professional advices and instructions

BOMList Module

According to BOM list provided, conducting a comprehensive cost analysis to provide a optimized plan

PCB Module

Optimizing the design from layout wiring, laminated structure,segmentation etc., after PCB finished

Circuit Diagrams

Providing instructions for system debugging to software and hardware together

3. Developing Stage (Structural Parts)

Structure Assessment

Providing feasibility assessment for start-up companies according to the structure design provided

Appearance Modeling

Conducting practical instructions when modeling appearance, providing optimistic plan

Stacking Design Service

Optimizing the data needed in stacking design, to check if the design satisfy each module

Mock-up Sample Service

Providing mock-up sample resource, professional advice, reliability assessment, according to the material provided

4. Test and Production Stage

Function Testing Module

Testing the function in order to achieve the sample requirement

Performance Testing Module

Analyzing the key index of the hardware design in order to improve performance

Function Testing Module

Testing the reliability of the product based on the product usage requirement